KPI conversions,up 53.3%.

What We Did For Trovagene:


Geo-targeted Google Adwords campaign.


LinkedIn Audience Targeting.


We participated in a number of tactics with Trovagene, including Tracking (Google Analytics), Conversion Rate Optimization, and a number of other adhoc digital related strategies.


Increase in on - site conversions


Increase in Home page engagement


Increase in HCP action


Trovagene had a primary objective of generating awareness of their clinical studies,publications, and diagnostic capabilities. with 30 - 40% of Oncologists in the U.S., while simultaneously working toward a next generation website that would see themthrough commercialization.

The Results

We segmented the hundreds of key phrases that conversationally relate to Trovagene’s diagnostics into three primary Ad Groups and optimizing via match type and bidding levers. From that we were able to grow total clicks by 1,200% with only 25% increase in budget over 10 months. Concurrently, the homepage A/B test showed an 87% lift in engagement , and the information architecture test resulted In 45% increase in HCP action, while contributing key data to help guide the full website redesign

The Solution

Because of the impending redesign and messaging platform refresh, we opted for Paid Media over Organic (SEO) efforts. In addition, we executed an experience optimization strategy, leveraging Optimizely, that was geared as much towards evolutionary web design and gleaning insight from response to imagery, information architecture, and direct customer response, as it was for action and conversion nominally.


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