Our Work Family

Elevated is unlike any other digital marketing agency.
Our team is made of the top creators, developers and strategist in SoCal.


GET ONBOARD: We foster radical collaboration internally and between clients, staff, industry and third parties.
OUR CLIENTS ARE OUR LIFEBLOOD: Without them, we wouldn’t be here.
GET OBSESSED: We are each other’s inspiration, obsess about details because they matter!
TRAIL-BLAZE IT: Explore, take initiative, and take risks. Learn rules to break them and make things work better.
BE PRESENT: Stay focused. Friends don’t let friends get distracted!
SPEAK YOUR MIND: Be expressive. Tell it like it is. We don’t fuckin’ censor.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… DON’T SUCK! This is a happy place, don’t kill our vibe man.


We live and breathe who we are both in the office and in our day to day, invariably keeping it REAL. Here at Elevated, transparency is at the core of how we operate, enabling us to maintain and foster authentic relationships with both each other, and most importantly our clients.

In our commitment to staying RELEVANT, we encourage our team to take interest in opportunities to grow, whether it attending workshops, local agency training, or acquiring new certifications. At Elevated, we have an unusually high employee retention rate, a direct reflection and indication of our equally high client retention rate. Our RELIABILITY is ingrained in our pledge to do what it takes to succeed. We initiate those constructive discussions with each other and cut through the noise and bringing clarity to our clients.

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