Website new design & UX renovations to increase conversions and enhance the experience.

What We Do For DoubleDutch:


Restructure the content flow, focus and hierarchy for a better user experience on main pages.


New branded design refresh, and new page designs to evolve the website overall.


Conversion rate optimization through new designs emphasizing strategic calls to action placement and web page designs.

Homebay listing page design on an iphone


Strategy Collaborations




Pages of Sketches


Cups of Coffee


Give a deadline driven facelift to to both visual comepete in the fast moving market, as well as to have the UI design help increase their buy, sell and open-house conversion goals.

Sketches for Homebay desktop wireframes

"We worked with Elevated to evolve the UX and UI of many pages on We presented a difficult project and a very tight deadline. But Monica and team deftly managed all of the complexities, delivering a strategy document and design comps on time and on budget. The result was a much improved website and a noticeable jump in conversions." Joe, Co-Founder at HomeBay


Elevated completed research and strategic planning and defined the new content flows, mobile-first layouts that are human centered, conversion-driven design, and visual design to modernize the brand appearance online. We worked closely with the Homebay in-house team of developers to bring the website to life.

Homebay sell page design on a laptop

There was a successful noticeable jump in conversions upon launch of the new website design and experience.

The sooner you start, the better.