Elevated: A Digital Marketing Partner

Elevated took over BBG’s Facebook advertising to help them grow their in-store and online purchases by targeting relevant locations across the country.

980% increase inconversions

94.87% reductionin CPA

Reduction in spendby 45.87%

Landing pages for eachstore (Wodman's, Publix,and Walmart)


Our main goal with BBG’s Facebook campaign was to drive their in-store sales to Walmart, Woodman’s, and Publix and online sales to Amazon, increasing their overall market share. Maintaining low actionable CPAs was integral as their product price is ~$5. We worked around Amazon’s lack of data by tracking and optimizing toward actions on our landing pages (buy online clicks, where to buy clicks, and address look ups) as key conversion points. Given the market’s high initial CPAs and limited actions, we worked hard to make the program viable.

Elevated implemented4 key strategies:

1 – Targeted a specific radius around all stores that carried BBG’s product.

2 – Optimized ad placements on Facebook and Instagram to push visibility toward higher performing locations.

3 – Actively rotated new ads and promotional messages depending on seasonality and relevancy.

4 – Played a highly active role in targeting optimizations for online customers, as visible in the data.


The results of this campaign were very dynamic; some weeks the CPA would drop to $3-4, and others it would unpredictably increase. It was difficult to stay on top of the program given how volatile it was. After consulting with a close Facebook representative and creating a game plan for how to overcome these issues, we changed our strategy and saw outstanding results. The most notable of these being that we were able to cut spending almost in half while simultaneously bringing in 10x the amount of desired actions on our pages. In addition, we were able to drop our CPA price by nearly 95%, including desired actions for purchasing online as well as in-store. Once our greater strategy was updated, we consistently maintained these results.

The sooner you start, the better.