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For over a decade, Sequenom has been a leader in the world of genetic testing and a pioneering force in bringing Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) to mothers internationally. Their goals was to reach the estimated 700,000 pregnant women who needed their test while their competition was growing aggressively. Their existing online presence consisted of a neglected paid media campaign managed by a legacy design agency, with no external Organic (SEO) efforts

The Results

Within the first 6 months, we reduced AdWords spend by 62.3% while concurrently increasing traffic from that channel. Our Paid Media efforts over 12 months resulted in total impressions increasing 1,000%, clicks up 1,500%, and cost per download down 74%. In 10 months, we ushered in a 229% increase in Unbranded Organic Keywords.

The Solution

Our first plan of action was to clean up the obvious signs of neglect, like match- type configuration and bid optimization. Next was expanding the “net” of active keywords by 300% and activating Paid Ads on Social Media channels. In tandem with the Paid Media efforts, we turned to the heavy lifting of Organic Search (SEO), primarily through an external content marketing approach focused on strategic publishers.


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