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Increase in first - time visitor’s time on site


All of the ideas implemented generated heightened response


Increase in revenue on same number of site visitors


Healthline’s Product Development team had a two year run of consistent success and had already made a massive transformation and improvement to the variety of template layouts, but needed a fresh perspective on how to get their users to engage further and get to the next level of visit duration and reader engagement. Yet, they had very little available bandwidth to manage an outside resource.

The Results

Of the ideas that we generated, all of those that were implemented and all resulted in improved user response. One of the more subtle modifications simply removed a key barrier to user flow and generated visit duration 7x higher than their internal benchmark

The Solution

As with most of our UX analyses, we immediately and intuitively saw a few subtle and key changes that would create easier user paths and lift. That wasn’t enough though, so we dug into the data, broadened the perspective of potentially relevant influences and cross-industry applications, while being vigilant of how easy our modifications were to implement.


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